Whitstable Society Response to the Draft Canterbury District Local Plan to 2045

Further to the previous post here is the Whitstable Society Response to the Draft Canterbury District Local Plan to 2045, submitted on the 16th January 2023.

I’m sure that you’ll appreciate the great efforts of our committee/subcommittee to compile this final, comprehensive version despite CCC’s rather late public consultations and the Christmas/New Year period. And we thank those members who’ve been in touch.

Hopefully the CCC team will respond positively to the comments and recommendations made.

Canterbury District Local Plan – invitation to comment

Following our combined Open and Zoom meeting on 16th November, we have formed a knowledgeable sub-committee to gather evidence and formulate a robust response to the Whitstable aspects of CCC’s draft Local Plan proposals. Submissions are due by 16th January. 

You may also comment directly via :


January 1975 Newsletter


BY THE TIME THIS NEWSLETTER REACHES YOU THE SOCIETY’S OWN PROPOSALS FOR THE TOWN CENTRE PLAN WILL HAVE BEEN PUBLISHED. This follows about four months of intensive work by the Working Party which was set up in September after the County Council announced its intention of producing its plan early this year, A better qualified group of individuals than those who make up this Working Party would be difficult to find, With one exception they are Committee members and all are well known to regular monthly Society meeting attenders. No less than four architects (Peter Miles, Julian Blades, Peter Hewitt and Martin Taylor)
together with a quantity surveyor (Geoffrey Hughes) and a traffic Engineer (Dr Chris Wright) make up the group


The advantage of having such a professional team lies in the clarity of the results and the way in which they arc presented.
A special closed Meeting of the Society was hold on 10th December (a month in which a meeting is not normally held) at which the working party presented their plan. Although poorly attended (probably because it is not on the printed programme) the meeting approved the Plan as presented and the proposal to Release it to the Press.


There is insufficient space to describe the Plan here but if any member would like a copy of the Press Release please contact a member of the Working Party or the Press Officer (Mike Elliott). It is intended to arrange a public meeting before long possibly in conjunction with other interested organisations. Both public and press would be welcome to come and put their views and ask questions.


PETER MILES‘ FASCINATING TALK ENTITLED “THE CHARACTER OF WHITSTABLE” GIVEN AT THE SOCIETY’S NOVEMBER MEETING revealed a detailed knowledge of the town and was most relevant to the Society’s proposals for the Town Centre Plan. In particular during the course of his talk Peter set out the main guidelines for the plan. These included the urgent need to revitalise the town centre, a policy of inter-mixing residences and businesses, improved shopping facilities, Priority for pedestrians and a generally improved townscape, the beginnings of a Conservation Policy. .


The talk was copiously illustrated by colour slides of street scenes and buildings which, apart from anything else. showed how
much work had gone into preparing the talk. As a result of this And previous meetings the society has built up a considerable bank of slides. These can be made available on loan to members by arrangement.


THE PUBLIC INQUIRY INTO THE CITY COUNCIL’S PROPOSALS FOR A NEW SEA WALL IS DUE TO OPEN ON TUESDAY 18th FEBRUARY. The Society has already lodged a Formal objection and will be making verbal and written representation at the Inquiry. The working party has been very active in recent months researching, consulting with other bodies and planning for the arguments to be put to the Inquiry. The Whitstable Sea Defence Association has after initial problems,. Provided a useful forum for establishing a common approach to the Inquiry with other organisations. The formation of this association was initiated by the Society.


MEMBERS ARE REMINDED OF THE SOCIETY PRESIDENT ‘S APPEAL FOR new members . Her letter accompanied the last Newsletter. Please make an effort to recruit at least one NEW MEMBER each.

THE SOCIETY’S ANNUAL DANCE WILL be held at The Barn, Chestfield on Friday 14th February at 8.00 p.m. Tickets may be obtained from the Secretary, Mrs. K, Williamson 9 Queens Road.


THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF THE SOCIETY WILL BE HELD AT THE LIBRARY HALL ON TUESDAY 13th FEBRUARY AT 8.00 p.m. Any member wishing to raise specific points should inform the Secretary in good time, Nominations for the Committee should also be sent to her by February 4th and in accordance with Clause 9 of the Constitution.


The Society is currently going through a period of great activity as the contents of this Newsletter show. The AGM should prove particularly interesting this year s a high attendance is anticipated. The fact that the Public Inquiry into the sea wall proposals happens on the same day is of particular significance.


In addition to the more usual business conducted at an AGM the following will be included in the agenda;-.

  1. The society’s proposals and other material concerning the Town Centre Plan will be displayed
  2. Material concerning the sea wall proposals and the Society’s objections will be on show
  3. A report on the first day of the Public Inquiry will be given by one of the Society’s representatives.