Inaugural public meeting and establishment of the Whitstable History Education Network (the ‘When’)

6PM for 7PM start on Friday April 27th at the Whitstable Junior School
(main gate between the Library and the Coach and Horses, then 1st left).

Anyone interested in local history is invited to this meeting to discuss and establish a ‘local history’ group/network covering the human and physical history of Whitstable and surrounding areas. There will be a graphical presentation and break-out groups covering a wide variety of activities and possible projects.

The ‘When’ will complement the work of the Whitstable Community Museum, which provides a focus on physical artefacts and holds many historic documents and photos, and the Whitstable Historical Society* which provides lectures and talks on the wider-aspects of Kent history. The When aims to maintain close links with them and other organisations with history related objectives, such as the Whitstable Society, the Whitstable Improvement Trust, Timescapes, Whitstable Maritime and the Kent Archaeological Society.
The When will:

1. Collect local history information as well as links to information held by other groups or individuals and make access comprehensive and easy.

2. Educate, inform and involve everyone interested in Whitstable’s history and cultural heritage.

3. Encourage and sponsor research of all kinds and work and liaise with those doing research; including archaeology and genealogy.

The When intends to maximise online resources and discussion, engage in field work, organise public meetings and work with schools.

A preparatory website can be found on This will be expanded to an updating news function, active forums and easy access to access and post history information.

People are encouraged to be members and become involved to a small or great extent in these activities; e.g. reviewing identifying and reviving historic text and sources or becoming part of research teams.

The When is grateful for the assistance of the Whitstable Society in founding itself**. The When will be completely independent and will free of WS support once it is established.

Informal organising /advisory team. 07711079369. The team includes representatives from the WIT, the WS, the WHA, Timescapes and the Community Museum.


*The name chosen needs to minimise confusion with the name of The Whitstable Historical Society. The long standing Historical Society started out (at the same time as the museum was founded) as a Whitstable local history group. Over time, it became focussed on history in general focussed on Kent. In addition, it reached capacity in terms of meeting room size for its main activity of members’ meetings and hence, as the meetings were its focus, it has been restricted to membership to 160.

**The Whitstable Society has launched this initiative under its history related objective: ‘To educate the public in the Geography, History, Natural History and Architecture of the area of benefit.’ (

*** Some suggestions to be discussed will be found here