Streetlight Consultation – Kent County Council

From the KCC website:

Starting on Monday, 21 September, residents, businesses and communities are being asked for their views on whether they would prefer the current level of service provided by part-night lighting, or all-night lighting.

This is a 10-week consultation which will help inform a new street lighting policy.

Matthew Balfour, Kent County Council Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport, said: “Light emitting diodes are significantly more efficient than the existing lights.

“Improvements in LED technology and reductions in prices mean that LED lights are now the first choice for street lighting. We already use LED lights as a matter of course when replacing our old or failed street lights.

“We are aware that some people have concerns about part-night lighting, in particular that it may lead to an increase in crime or the fear of crime.

“We have been working very closely with Kent Police, who have analysed their records and stated that they have found no correlation between crime rates and changes to street lighting.

“However, with the flexibility offered by the new technology we have an opportunity to review the way that we provide street lighting. We want to understand how residents would prefer their street lights to operate.

“I would, therefore, urge people to take part in the consultation.”

People are being asked to respond by visiting and completing the online consultation questionnaire.

The consultation document and questionnaire are also available in Easy Read and Word formats on the website (above) or on request by e-mail, or phone 03000 421553, or Text Relay:18001 03000 421553  (this number is monitored during office hours and there is an answering machine at other times).

For any other formats people can also use the details above.

The deadline for all responses is Sunday, 29 November 2015.

Planning Application – Residential Development 400 homes north of old Thanet Way

CCC Planning Dept have today published Devine Homes’ outline planning application CA//15/01296 for their proposed housing development north of old Thanet Way (east of Duncan Down). The consultation period is until 17th July.

You may view details (some 96 documents) on the CCC website (Planning section):

CCC advise that paper copies of these documents will be delivered to Whitstable Library around midday Thursday 18th June for public viewing.


The Council has now submitted the draft Local Plan to the Planning Inspectorate to be examined by an independent Inspector. Copies of evidence base reports and representations have also been submitted to the Inspectorate.

Copies of the documents submitted to the Inspectorate are available on the Council’s Planning Policy web-pages. Comments on the Local Plan Publication Draft can also be viewed at, by clicking the “Who Said What?” button.

From this point, the timetable of the Examination will be determined by the Inspector. The Council has appointed a Programme Officer, Angela Furlong, who will be managing the administration of the Examination on behalf of the Inspector. Any correspondence regarding the Examination should be directed to the Programme Officer at the Local Plan Programme Office at the Council Offices at Military Road, Canterbury CT1 1YW or via e-mail to

It is anticipated that the Inspector will begin the Examination of the draft Plan in 2014, but that any public hearings will not take place until 2015. Details will be provided by the Programme Officer in due course.

Canterbury City Council Draft Local Plan – Public information evening 1st July 2014

The council recently advertised, in the local press and on the council’s web-site, some public information evenings on the Local Plan, around the district. They have reminded us of the dates and locations of the next events.

The Whitstable session is on:
Tuesday 1 July – at the Whitstable Community College CT5 1PX

Colin Carmichael, Canterbury City Council Chief Executive will give a presentation on the draft plan and the proposed district Transport Strategy that thay are also consulting on. You will have the opportunity to hear more about the plans and to ask questions. There is no requirement to book.

If you can’t make the session The Canterbury District Local Plan Publication Draft 2014 will be available online to view and comment until 5.00pm on the 18th July by selecting this link:

If you prefer printed versions of the documents they will be available for inspection in person until the 18th July at the Council Offices, unfortunately there is no Council Office in Whitstable but if you can get to Swalecliffe library or the Whitstable Museum during their opening hours (below) they can be inspected there as well.

Swalecliffe Library 78 Herne Bay Road, Whitstable, CT5 2LX (Mon – Tues Thurs – Fri 9am to 6pm, Sat 10am to 2pm)
Whitstable Museum, Oxford Street, Whitstable, CT5 1DB (Thurs – Sun 11am to 4.30pm)

Canterbury District Local Plan 2013 – Processing of representations

Canterbury City Council have now processed all the comments received during the consultation period.
They received just under 7,000 comments from about 1,300 individuals and organisations (including the Whitstable Society).

Copies of all the representations should be available in Whitstable library with a summary schedule of the comments (in Plan order).
All the comments can also be viewed on the Council’s consultation web-site at
Click on the document you are interested in, and then you can view the comments by following the instructions.

The Council now has to consider the main issues arising from the comments and decide what changes to make to the draft Plan in relation to those main issues.

It is anticipated that the comments and proposed changes to the draft Plan will be considered by Council Committees in March, and the publication of the final formal draft (the pre-Submission draft) is likely to take place in April or May. This will be a final opportunity for people to comment on the technical and legal “soundness” of the Plan before it is considered by an independent Planning Inspector.

If you have any queries regarding the local plan process please contact the planning policy team on 01227 862199